ChaChallenger Learning Center space murals Woodstock Illinois -  ArtForms Inc Kenny the Brush

Challenger Learning Center July 2000, Woodstock Illinois

Curved wall space mural approx 6ft x 24ft earth, moon, Hubble satilite, Nasa space station, ArtForms Inc.

NASA space station curved wall mural, this section approx 6ft x 11ft

Challenger entrance area. spiral nebula mural behind desk extending to wall above with future concept shuttle.

Space shuttle mural detail ( cutout panel )

Nebula space viewing window approx 9ft x11ft

 Handpainted murals by design to Canvas or Wallpaper ( wallpaper price break ), pre-approved by client before shipping via email photos,  for on site professional installation. I still paint on site ,   ( primarily Sky Ceilings )  maximum 2 hour travel time ( Chicago - Milwaukee - Madison - Rockford ) ,  otherwise on site service is reflected in travel and lodging costs.

Parties interested in having a project considered or with a information request about painting techniques (gladly answered), MUST call me prior to emails. We will not open an email unless qualified by phone in advance.  262 749-2007  All the best to you and thanks !


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