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Most sky ceilings are accomplished in one day - ceilings of  190 square feet or more and or ceilings with significent bird  or detail shapes will extend beyond a day to finish. Painted sky ceiling prices are based on square footage - $5. per sq.ft. and or a minimum of $435. plus scaffold and  travel if necessary. Large peices of furniture such as beds and or tables will be in the way and the clients responsibility to have them moved, I will tarp the floors and accessory furniture.

SKY CEILINGS- It's all about blue light, this creates atmosphere !

Vaulted ceiling, 12'x30' ( 1/2 ceiling this view ) Barrington, Il.

Office stairwell- lighthouse title services Racine, Wi. 3 days to complete, this was one happy client.

Foyer tray ceiling-2 days to complete, Barrington, Il.

Tray ceiling-formal dining room, 1 day to complete

Vaulted ceiling sky with geese, 2 days to complete, Barrington,Il.

Simple sky tray ceiling - 1 day to complete

Me and eagle . . . flat ceiling in a residential castle home

Artist " HOW  TO PAINT YOUR OWN MURAL " on site or workshop now availible.

Your artwork is designed to your budget considerations, square footage, and detail of theme - On Site or On Canvas

Inquiry questions gladly answered, artist "how to" info gladly shared, 262  749-2007 thank you for the consideration, Ken Kupietz ArtForms Inc.


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