KENSMURALS KEN KUPIETZ KENNYtheBRUSH muralartpainter Hand painted murals, decorative interior ideas for home,restaurants,retail or office space. Illinois Wisconsin

Creative mural painting is a process of  imagination, and considering the " WHAT IF " factor, a clever visual idea leads to having fun creating  interior space ! 

Welcome to Ken's murals, my hand painted original murals indoor and outdoor are designed to convey your decorative theme, in turn adding atmosphere to your home or business. Your mural project is designed as per theme, colors, detail, square footage, budget considerations,. trompe l'oeil murals are time oriented and come at a per square foot premium.  

Art is a visual celebration and reflection of your space and your feelings ! 

Bravos Pizza - Decor Tuscan Landscape Mural,  Harvard Illinois

Bravos pizza, Beloit Il. - restaurant with hand painted wall murals designed and painted to budget !

Archway murals Bravos pizza, Beloit Il. - each mural approx. 16 hrs.

Aldo's pizza, 2 arch restaurant murals facing each other, theme, Sicily

Aldo's Pizza, Rochelle, Il. - 2 murals  Italy 8'x10' 3 days

Tropical mural in coffee shop, 12'x 12', 75 hrs to complete, Fontana Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Tropical mural detail of mural above, parrots., Fontana Lake Genava Wisconsin

Bathroom murals tower theme, 4 days to complete, a favorite of mine. Click pic for closer look. . .by Wisconsin mural art painter Ken Kupietz ArtForms Inc.


Jimmy's Patio restaurant mural, Harvard, Il. - Greek town square theme mural - Lividi Greece - 4 days to complete

Banquet room restaurant mural , terrace with 3 figures dining, 3 days to complete. Huntley Illinois

Windpoint lighthouse wall murals, lighthouse title services company Racine Wisconsin

Artist " HOW  TO PAINT YOUR OWN MURAL " on site or workshop now availible.

Your artwork is designed to your budget considerations, square footage, and detail of theme - On Site or On Canvas

IParties interested in having a project considered or with a information request about painting techniques (gladly answered) MUST call me prior to emails. We will not open an email unless qualified by phone in advance.  262 749-2007  All the best to you and thanks !. 

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