Mural art painter - Hand Painted  Wall Murals - Trompe l'oeil - Ken Kupietz Delavan, Wisconsin " WORLDS FASTEST BRUSH DRIVER " - Kenny The Brush - Decorative Detailing

Hand Painted Mural Art - Decorative Detailing - Creative Interior Ideas - On Site or On Canvas for installation


Hand Painted Murals - Prices designed to square foot price or your budget.

Parties interested in having a project considered or with a information request about painting techniques (gladly answered), the project you are considering has a budget you are already comfortable with. I generally will  answer approximately "what will it cost" based on square footage, theme, and your town state location.  If your budget falls below $13.sq.ft.(driven by changing costs) square foot prices listed below. Simplified layouts may lower cost.  262 749-2007

All projects inatially start with a budget, once the client has established what they are comfortable with the design may be considered to theme, size and style detail. Obviously without a targeted budget one cannot proceed. All design work requires a client deposit commitment of 5% of approx budget or minimum of $100., this includes design concept work, sign design, graphics / logos, t-shirt designs, as well as murals.

Simple landscape minimum $735. up to 60 sq ft

Landscapes with realistic animals $20 sq ft

Landscapes large trees, plants, jungle $25 - $45 sq ft

Cityscapes, buldings, figures, faces, autos - $55 sq ft

Theater style backdrops $8 sq ft plus canvas

Trompe l'oeil ( fools the eye ) $75. to $150. sq ft

Yes ! I paint realistic background landscapes for model railroaders on site or on canvas with realistic BLUE skys - average $10. sq ft

Travel, lodgeing, scafolding, ariel lift rental, are extra costs added to the final total. Canvas murals shipping cost is an additional fee.

Minimum of 20% deposit on all jobs - and up to 60% deposit required on high cost materials aka custom order materials for instance Goldleaf

I'am happy to answer all questions, process, how-to, pricing - thank you Ken 262 749-2007 ArtForms Inc


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