Trompe l'oeil, hand painted murals, decorative painted interior ideas for home, restaurants, retail or office space. ArtForms Ken Kupietz Delavan Wi Midwest muralis

Decorative detailing includes, faux wall finishes, hand painted vines, handpainted scrollwork, woodgraining, marbelizing, SKY CEILING MURALS, various trompe l'oeil effects and small vignette murals. 


Hand lettering Scripture added to Jen's siloette tree art....Crystal Lake Illinois

5 x 5 wine cellar mural on canvas  - lake house Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Doorway mural at end of hall "pier onto lake" 2 days to complete, Little Prairie Wisconsin

I first view the space and consider the possibilities . . .

Bathroom mural before / after, details of egret and redwing blackbird Harvard Illinois -  Simple and elegant 2 days to complete.

Greg McCoy's bathroom decor art, faux with ivy vines, sky ceiling. Woodstock Il.   

McCoy bath ivy vine detail.


Handpainted flowers and vine - 4 sides tray ceiling, quickly laid out with charcoal, no reference material used, completed in 2 1/2 hrs, bedroom mural decor detailing.

Faux marble pillars, 23K gold accents, decor detailing Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Handpainted birds kitchen facias, laid out with charcoal, 10 sets of birds with fur tree branches, 1 day to complete - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Whimsical scroll, laid out with charcoal, no reference material used, 66 running feet of tray ceiling, 1 day to complete, Bedroom mural decor. Richmond Illinois

Corner tree decor detail mural kitchen, 3 hours to complete., Crystal Lake Illinois

Hand painted Pears over kitchen window.

Simple tree mural in a living room corner, decorative ideas in Crystal Lk Il

Yes ! the window is painted on the wall, trompe l'oeil style bathroom - Delavan Wi. Lake house.

Grape vines over stove, Crystal Lk Illinois

Grapes over doorway, kitchen murals Crystal Lk Illinois

Trompe l'oeil effects ( fools th eye ) painting effect in this area above stove, appears to be quite 3 demensional presented in a window effect. . . . . . design layout, texture, warm and cool color considerations, lighting of the mural and within the painting itself, where and how the art is being viewed are the elements which must be considered, this spells visual success. 

Trompe l'oeil effect - Tuscany theme mural in kitchen, 2 days to complete, Crystal Lk Illinois ( Click Pic For Closeup )

Wedding Boutique mural, retail area

Celtic design graphic in family room 4'x4' - 1 day to complete. Arlington Heights Illinois

Living room decor landscape mural 2 days to paint, Palatine Illinois

Bedroom dragon mural - 2 days to complete. Marengo Illinois castle.

Kitchen wildflower field mural, colorful client's request. Marengo Illinois castle.

Stove Hood stained glass style landscape mural, 2 days to complete. Crystal lake Illinois

Accountants office, painted leather faux wall. Harvard Illinois

Restaurant mural "mediterrian terrace" 20 hours to paint, diners are painted  Huntley Il

Artist " HOW  TO PAINT YOUR OWN MURAL " on site or workshop now availible.

Your artwork is designed to your budget considerations, square footage, and detail of theme - On Site or On Canvas

Inquiry questions gladly answered, artist "how to" info gladly shared, 262  749-2007 - thank you for the consideration, Ken Kupietz ArtForms Inc. 


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