Chicago west side late 60's

Crazy Frank - Jer - Kenny, . . . and the westside garage crazies mentioned below....................

Crazy Frank ( Witkowski ) left, me on right about 1969

OK now look close on far left Tom O'brien ( Toms vette ), Paul Gorski ( 2nd from lf rear- look close), Joe Krisel, next 2 figures do not remember (sorry) and side shot of myself, car  to left 66 vette, 49 Harley in middle, 57 vette which had been obtained by trading off the Harley in picture, the 57 vette is very storied, so is the 66.


Me on left, smiling Jer with his passion 57 vette., car formerly Jerry Schredls

Me on Franks Harley ( 26th & Cal - Chicago ) left, Rose (sister) my Harley about 1969

Jim Amatos garage 1968, Jim upper left with beard, Tom O'Brien sitting on fender on right, Russ Olsen sitting between headlights and yes behind bumper, Jer ( Paul Gorski ) right bottom, me standing background. Who took this picture ?

Jer playing himself - anything for a laugh........I owe this guy a drink for sure, nothin was dull. . . . . .

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