Trompe l'oeil - Hand Painted Murals - Ken Kupietz Delavan, Wisconsin " WORLDS FASTEST BRUSH DRIVER " - Kenny The Brush - hand painted mural bathroom

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Creative painting is a process of your imagination, you consider the " what if " factor, take time out of mind and then the universe delivers great ideas, you interact with the client who also gets excited about the possibilities.

Bathroom mural - Fishing / Log Cabin Theme - Palmyra, Wisconsin


Ceiling, cedar shingles, landscape and logs painted on flat walls.

 Mountain views of Vancouver from bathroom, murals designed to make the viewer feel as if he were in a tower overlooking views in three directions. I had a good time creating this space. My clients Gary and Juliee were the most gracious hosts., in Palmyra Wisconsin.

YES ! the logs are painted on a flat wall.

This realistic style is referred to as " trompe l'oeil " ( fools the eye ), I had alot of fun with this illusion, clients could not have been happier !

Artist " HOW  TO PAINT YOUR OWN MURAL " on site or workshop now availible.

Your artwork is designed to your budget considerations, square footage, and detail of theme - On Site or On Canvas

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