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Yes we will design - conctruct - and install mosaic tile art - wherever !

Mosaic tile bathtub design process as follows, client request a mosaic tile mural for his custom built 8 sided bathtub,  a marine life visual theme is the consideration, I viewed the space and then interpreted this concept by stepping out of thought for a week or so, a full size charcoal drawing followed some visual research of shapes, color considerations were made, and now on to the build. 

Mosaic bathtub bottom, octogon shape approx 6' x 6' assembled in studio.

Surface area to be installed coated with marine 2 part epoxy, bottom cut into 10 sections and puzzled into place, adjustment of singular tiles seen here. 

NOW the hard part, the tiles are grouted with a sand grout ( marine epoxy base ) very messy - lots of rubber gloves - lots of cleanup with acetone ( no gloves )  gloves will melt, open window ventilation and take all the time needed . . . CANNOT be rushed, and when finished............happy client . . . . happy artists.

Mosaic octogon bathtub complete, approx 53 sq.ft., 8 weeks to build on table, 1 week to install, 17,000 tiles. My client was beyond happy with the finished mosaic tile tub . . . . so was I.

Try this project if you have a lot of time to dedicate with love !

Mural art painter - Hand Painted Murals - Ken Kupietz Delavan, Wisconsin " WORLDS FASTEST BRUSH DRIVER " - Kenny The Brush -

Your artwork is designed to your budget considerations, square footage, and detail of theme - On Site or On Canvas

Parties interested in having a project considered or with a information request about painting techniques (gladly answered) MUST, call me prior to emails. We will not open an email unless qualified by phone in advance.  262 749-2007  All the best to you and thanks ! 


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